Make Appointments

Doctors' Appointments

Morning appointments are available from 8.40am - 12 noon

Afternoon appointments are available from 2.00 - 5.30pm

Doctors' consultation times may vary when we are using locums.

Telephone Appointments

Telephone appointments are also available if you feel your condition can be dealt with in this way. We will arrange a suitable appointment with you and either the GP or nurse practitioner will call you back. When making the appointment the receptionist will request some brief details.

Nurses' Appointments

Appointments are available from 8.40am - 5.20pm

The average length of appointments is 10 minutes.

One appointment is for one person (even if they are a child).

Please limit the number of problems you bring to each appointment - the more you bring the less time the doctor has to deal with each problem.

Do stay with the same doctor doing the investigation and treatment of any illness.

Those who repeatedly miss an appointment without cancelling will be removed from the practice list.

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